Thursday, November 20, 2008

For the birds

It's tricky writing my blog regularly while I'm away - especially as it's all the more interesting with photographs and I don't have any new ones.

So we are changing things a little today and I'm linking you to a cute little video - by Pixar. It's a short, entitled "for the birds" and a little bit of light entertainment! We love following Pixar things as John Lasseter - the chief creative office of Pixar, lives in the same village as us.

Hope you enjoy it:

Click here - FOR THE BIRDS


Andreanna said...

I feel like the big goofy bird alot. Like I'm the odd one out.

Anonymous said...

I loved the Birds! - I laughed out loud!! C-G

Ruth said...

Isn't it sweet! Maybe I'll have to add a weekly feature of youtube birdie videos!