Saturday, October 11, 2008

Anyone can bring me flowers....

There is a little challenge going on at Etsy right now from one of the jewelry magazines. They are asking artists to submit items that they have made using 10g of metal clay or less......The 5 pieces they select, they will feature in their magazine....

So it got me thinking as to how small my "anyone" figure could be...... 10g of metal clay results in even less weight when the clay is fired......My largest anyone is "Anyone can whistle" as I needed the length for the whistle. The smallest so far is the anyone on "Anyone can fall in love". He is 24 mm tall and doesn't really seem small.....

Well - always up for a challenge, so I thought I'd make some anyone earrings.

The result is "Anyone can bring me flowers" and anyone is 15 mm tall. I guess I could go smaller - but I think 15mm is small enough!!! You wouldn't really see anyone if he was any smaller!

So this is a pair of anyone's - each is individual as I hand form them - are bringing you a sweet little flower held in both hands. Even though they don't have features, they look happy to be giving a flower. One looks proud - the one on the left and the other anyone looks a little more coy! What do you think?

And who doesn't love receiving flowers? From a single wildflower plucked from the garden to the most lavish of bouquets - receiving flowers is just one of those wonderful things.

My husband always says his favourite flowers are those that last the longest so if he buys me some, they'll last for the Proteas we buy at Christmas - they gradually dry but still stay beautiful!! And maybe these earrings would be his perfect gift - the gift of everlasting flowers!

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