Friday, October 17, 2008

Etsy Treasury Feature

My Rapunzel's tower necklace is featured in a treasury on Etsy created by Riskybeads. The treasury is entitled:

"Subprime Princess" and she wrote a great little poem to go with it.

There once was a princess called Kate
Who began to pay her bills late
Bit by bit she lost her composure
As her castles fell to foreclosure
And so Kate with no prince to be found
Refused to let herself drown
She gathered her gowns and her one magic shoe
Set up shop here on Etsy and sold them to YOU


Marian said...

hahah great poem and treasury!


Half an Acre said...

now that is damn clever! Where did she find the time to do all that! LOL!

Magriet said...

Hi Ruth. I've tagged you :)