Wednesday, October 1, 2008

EtsyMetalClay Team and Smashing Darling

I mentioned earlier this week about my store on Smashing Darling. If you haven't looked at the general website - they are running a competition right now to win $500. You need to enter by the end of Friday - and then you could spend all $500 in my store :-D - or any of the others. Here is a link with the details and how to enter : $500

The other news of the day is that our recently formed etsy metal clay team has just launched it's blog and it's website. Do go take a look at what our group of 19 metal clay artisans can do. It's all very different work from mine and interesting to see the scope of the product. Here is the website and the blog.

My two friends arrive today from Canada. We met at the Indiana precious metal clay conference. That's me on the left, then Angie then Marly. Looking forward to a few fun days together.


miss mo said...

This is so great to see! I love your creations, and thanks for being so Smashing!
cheers ~ MoDarling

Marian said...

I hadn't heard about Smashing darling...
Well, congrats on the site, the blog, the conference, the friends the harvest and everything else! Busy lady lately, uh?

have a nice weekend!