Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Last day of harvest

The tractor is going back and forth, as the last of the grapes are being harvested.

It always seems sad to see them go. Like an "empty nest". We've been watching these little grapes grow...from tiny flowers, to little green berries, to larger fruit, then as they change colour, then we've tasted them along to the way to see how their flavour develops and in an hour or so, they'll be all gone!

And then the leaves will finish changing colour and drop off and then we'll be back to a garden full of dead looking sticks!!!

But meanwhile, the grapes will be turning into something even better, so I guess it's not toooooooo sad!

This is a merlot leaf necklace I made pretty soon after I started with metal clay. Each different grape varietal has a different shape leaf - so you probably knew this was merlot :-D

A new spring leaf was impressed into the silver clay and fired in place. The leaf obviously burnt away but the clear impression remained. I then added a small amount of green resin to highlight the leaf markings.

But for know, it's farewell little grapes! You did well. Hope you enjoy your journey............and look forward to seeing you again in a couple of years....


Cathe Holden said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I was just reading through yours last night. I love the little flower people charms. And now that leaf pendant, gorgeous!

Regarding the harvest, my husband goes over to a friends Sonoma vineyard and picks grapes left behind by the workers once they've filled their load. It only yeilds a few cases. But so fun for the family. He's been making wine from his father's half-acre vineyard forever. Now he's picking, crushing and making his own. He's loving it.

Oh, man, Glen Ellen. What a dreamy slice of Heaven.

Marian said...

it's autumn!!! not it's drinking time!
I did know about the difference in leaves but not precisely what the difference is, or how to recognize them. But, Im amazed at how well the impression was left,. The little nerves of the leave are even noticeable!

Pretty cool! :)

HINT Jewelry Design said...

Here I've been taking to some Merlot for inspiration lately and then I chance upon your lovely leaf. What a beaut! I didn't know you grew grapes.

It must be hard to seem them go grow up and go away :)

Ruth said...

Cathe - good to hear from you. Hope you've had fun stomping! Sounds great that the whole family joins in the wine making fun!

And yes - support Merlot! Wonderful grape when treated well!!! Here we have the birds singing to our grapes and vines all year long - that's what helps make our Merlot so good! Hopefully they will remember that music as they are in their barrels....

Ruth said...

Glad you like the necklace. Thanks! I've just done some more leaves for a Christmas necklace - with a twist! I'll post it when it's finished!! A little subtle joke from me....you'll see!!!!

Magriet said...

Ruth that's beautiful! And well done with your harvest. Must've been such hard work. Put your feet up :)