Thursday, October 16, 2008

Question for you....

So remember my recent blog about "I've been tagged" did any of your get why I chose that photo to go with it?

One friend of mine emailed me and guessed correctly (yeah Caulie - well done!!!) - but I didn't hear from anyone else. Can you figure the connection?

This is a warm up for a competition that my husband and sister say is too obtuse - so see how you get on with the bird first..........Maybe my competitions are a bit like my vegetarian bracelet where you had to guess the vegetables - it's easy and obvious when you know you answers!!!

And an update - 12,836 bloggers participated in Blog Action Day 2008 yesterday! It is estimated that that is equivalent to 13,498, 532 readers! Quite an audience!


Marian said...

Errrr...mmno. If it is some word game involving the language which is not my mother tongue, Im dead. :P

Don't really know Ruth.
I forgot -silly me- about the blog action day. I joined last year. It was about the climate, If I recall well. ANother time. I've been yelling to whomever wants to hear about social problems in my spanish blog for a while!

Have a nice weekend!

Half an Acre said...

all I can think of is that you like spoon hanging and that flamingo has a spoon-shaped bill ....
er .. you like pink?

Ruth said...

Yeah! Anna got it! The Roseate spoonbill is the bird in the photo and he gets to spoon hang all the time!! I thought with his wings out, he also looked like he was playing "tag".