Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Competition winner!

Yes, and the winner is.......(drum roll....)......Christine from Chocolate and Steel!!!

She got the idea straight away. The title is:

"The three wise men" aka the sages.

The necklace was made using three sage leaves.

Christine, please email me your mailing address and I'll be sending your prize to you.

Other guesses were "Mary, Joseph and Jesus", "Partridge in a pear tree", something related to mistletoe......

Well now you know what my competitions are like - so maybe you'll get tuned into them. Thanks for your guesses! And well done, again, Christine.

1 comment:

Chocolate and Steel said...

Thank you thank you!! I got the scarf yesterday and it is GORGEOUS! I wore it all day long until I realized I was so hot because it was 85 degrees:) Thanks again. You are a sweetie!