Saturday, November 13, 2010

Weekly Bird in the Hand

Here's my weekly bird in the hand - the things I am grateful for:

I'm still in England and yesterday was the "celebration of life" service for my mother in law who passed away recently.  This week's gratitude therefore extends to:
  • Family. We've seen lots of family this week - both mine and John's and it's been great to reconnect - even if in some cases, it was under sad circumstances :- from all the family who came to the service, to the meals out with Craig, Adam and Michael, to time with my parents, to a fun day today with my sister and nephews....  It's been a great week for family with some reminiscing of old memories and creating new memories too.
  • Friends.  We've had fun times with friends this week and they have all be so supportive of us too.  And it's also been lovely to see that support from many of my "online" friends. 
It's been a wonderful week to feel the love and support of family and friends. Thank you.

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Patty Biermans said...

Thanx for sharing you're lovely thoughts about family and friends. Greetings...Peebe