Friday, November 5, 2010

My Google Reader - Gennine's Art Blog

My second recommendation for blogs from my blog reader is Gennine's Art Blog.

Gennine creates beautiful art - mainly of birds and nature - through painting and drawing.  Her blog also shows many photos of her "space" and covers other interesting topics including tutorials on carving your own stamps.

I love her use of color and of course, having birds as one of her main inspirations naturally draws me to her work.

And I especially like how she shows you her creations in she begins to paint, what she leaves to the end...things like that. It's fascinating to see the development of a piece as she is working on it.

Her blog is just delightful.  Happy birds everywhere....I hope you'll stop by to visit:


Patty Biermans said...

You sure can find the right persons!!! Gennine makes very nice paintings and other things. I can not find the right words but I like it very much. Greetings...Peebee

Ruth said...

You are right Peebee. It is difficult to describe her work - only that it is beautiful! There's a certain lightness in spirit to it all ....