Thursday, November 4, 2010

My google reader - Color me Katie

As I am in England at the moment, without my camera, and not having time to create, I thought I'd take a few blog posts to show you behind the scenes of my "google reader" and introduce you to some of the non-jewelry blogs that I follow. If you don't know what google reader is, it is a single place where you can read all the blogs you want to follow - without having to type in all the different urls etc.  I love it.  It is easy to subscribe to blogs, then any posts you haven't read will show up - and it just saves moving from one url to another.  If you haven't tried google reader - I'd highly recommend it.

So first up as one of the more colorful blogs that I follow is "Color me Katie".

Katie is quite a few things - including a photographer,  actress, street artist, and a lover of color.

I love to watch her little movies of her street improvisations - you need to see her blog to understand what she does!

It's just basically happy stuff.  If you've had a sad day - just looking at her blogs will brighten it for you!

She has a great spirit and really captures it in her photos.  Keep being colorful Katie! Let me know what you think and I'd love it if you recommend another blog to me too....


vilterietje said...

i love the way she photographes her beautifull work!
love, riet

Becky said...

Thank you for introducing me to another great blog :)

I thought i would share this one with you that i enjoy -

Ruth said...

So glad you like her work Reit. It's very uplifting isn't it.
Becky - I love the little people!!! Thanks for sharing that. What fun artist - and I wonder how many people she lost down that drain before she got those photos!!! I will be adding that blog to my reader!