Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tartan bracelet!

My mother-in-law died on Saturday morning.  I had the privilege of sitting at her bedside for her last few days.

While there, I chatted to her, I sang to her, we listened to music and I also did some coloring of anodised aluminum. 

Here is one of the pieces I made that was inspired by her - a tartan (plaid) design bangle.  Lavinia was Scottish and, as a Baillie, the family has its own tartan -  Baillie Tartan - shown below:

Although my bangle doesn't depict the Baillie tartan -  I did use the same green, blue and orange in it!

Excuse the quality of the photos as I only have my phone and no lighting set up here in the UK!


Lore said...

Sorry about the loss of your mother-in-law. What great memories you will have of her and I am sure she enjoyed having you and your husband with her.
The bracelet is beautiful.

vilterietje said...

great remenberance for your mother in law! i whish you and your family a lot of strength.
love, riet

Ruth said...

Thanks for your kind messages. We do have lots of great memories (and many funny ones too) and that's what are so important right now!

Patty Biermans said...

I hope that you and you're family have great memories of you're mother in law and lots of love with each other. The bangle is a beautiful keepsake. Greetings...Peebee

Marly Penner said...

Thinking of you and John and your families. What a beautiful image picturing you singing to mother-in-law with your lovely voice, listening to music, and being with her during this time. I love the tartan bangle, too!
A great remembrance!