Monday, November 15, 2010

Bronze Cuff Bracelet


I recently completed a cuff bracelet in FASTfire BRONZclay. I've wanted to do a cuff in bronze for about a year now after having unsuccessfully attempted one in traditional BRONZclay. Really what better time than the present? As I looked over and saw Marly diligently working away creating some beautiful pieces with Hadar's Quick-fire Bronze and Copper clay for our upcoming shows, I was inspired to use some FASTfire BRONZclay to finally realize my goal of making a bronze cuff. Working with the Fast Fire bronze was extremely warping, crinkling or cracking as it was drying! Such a different experience that that of a year ago with the traditional bronze.

The final product turned out looking like this...

HOORAY! I was especially thrilled since my first cuff attempt last year in traditional BRONZclay came out of a double kiln firing this...yes, VERY sad!

After its first full firing I patched some of the cracks which appeared, refired it and voilĂ -it cracked right down the centre! Frustrated to no end, I packed away the two halves and decided to try it again...someday!

Well, that day finally came and I am VERY pleased. Working with the FASTfire bronze was a truly joyful experience! It rolled, took texture, formed and dried beautifully. I carefully nested it in its bed of carbon, said a prayer, did a dance to the kiln gods, and waited...somewhat patiently! I did hold my breath as I took it out of the carbon after firing and breathed a HUGE sigh of relief when I unburied it. Phew!

So, hats off to FASTfire BRONZclay...I am a groupie! Now, back to finishing off pieces for our shows..speaking of shows, I think I'll be wearing this bronze cuff to them!


vilterietje said...

i don't know a thing about all that stuff, but i do know that i like it. love, riet:)

Ruth said...

Wow. I love it! And the texture is so clear. Well done. I see a few of these in the future after your big sales!

STUDiO 28 Waterloo said...

Yes, perhaps make a few more in a few more weeks-but first...the shows!