Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Google Reader - Studio ArtOcrat

By now, you may be noticing a theme in the blogs that I follow - they are all pretty colorful!  And today's blog is no different - it is Studio ArtOcrat.

Pragya, the blog author, describes her blog as "all about pretty birdscapes and beautiful things" - and it is indeed.

Here's one my favorite of her prints, which I've just purchased.  And in my style, her titles add so much more to the pieces too. I love this sentiment:

It's raining love, why keep dry?
She is a beautiful illustrator and I love the uniqueness of her one of a kind bird pictures with their own "bunting" that drapes outside of the frame.  Here's a couple of  examples:

Celebrate Love


Isn't it a great idea?  It makes the picture seem interactive and you can position the bunting how you like.

And yes, she does flowers too and other animals - but of course, the birds are my favorite!

Rainbow Magnolias

Curly Sheep
You can see her full portfolio of her work on and also her Etsy store.

I'm looking forward to putting up my birdie print from her in my studio and then getting one with bunting too!!  How happy that will look!

Hope you enjoy having a little stroll through her bird garden...

And don't forget - please leave comment with the url of one of your favorite blogs so that I can take a look at it...


vilterietje said...

I love the sheep!!!!!
love, riet:)

Vickie Hallmark said...

A new artist to feed my bird fetish. Thanks!

Pretty Things said...

I LOVE Grassland, with the banner that goes outside of the art! How clever!

Ruth said...

Glad you like her work! It just so appeals to me...and those garlands/bunting are just wonderful!