Thursday, March 18, 2010

Next dangly leg animal! - Poll results

The poll station has closed!

The animal that won the poll that I have to make into dangly leg earrings was the Octopus!!!

Thanks for your votes..... I think :=}

Hmmmm. Now I have to make some octopus earrings with not 2 or 4 legs as I've previously done for other animals - but 8 legs!!!  What sort of challenge is that!!???????

Second place was the hippopotamus.  All the results are on the sidebar at the right.

A.N. Other ideas were:
  • monkey
  • capybara
  • kiwi
  • armadillo
  • lambs
  • ferret
  • yaks
I suppose an octopus is better than a capybara or yak!!!  I guess this is proof of the old saying "be careful what you ask for"!!!!

I'll be working on octopuses soon....

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