Saturday, March 27, 2010

Light up my life

Following on from inspirations from Mexico, these two pairs of earrings are part of the month of earrings challenge - nos. 23 and 24.  I have to make 30 pairs of earrings by April 1st....

The design was inspired by the simple repetitive patterns seen in Mexico used for decorations.  A simple square or circle on it's own doesn't look like much, but lots of squares and circles together make more of an impact.

The first pair I entitled "Light up my life" as I think they look like little lanterns: 

The second pair is "Starry, starry night":

I sort of see them as starter-ear-threads! For those who haven't worn ear threads before.....They are light weight, and so comfortable elegant silver and gold earrings.  Yes, you can tell I love ear threads - just want to encourage more people would try them.

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