Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Birds with attitude

My latest bird earrings look like the birds have strong characters!  I think they are best worn often so that a human head comes between them, rather then letting them get too close to each other.

I made them with prometheus bronze clay - a new metal clay from Turkey.  It colors a rosy bronze color after firing without the use of charcoal - as opposed to the more usual yellowy color.

I find that most of my animals/birds develop their character and "come to life" when I add their eyes, but with these, it was the beaks!

Don't you think they looks just a bit annoyed with each other? Fed up of hanging around together and need a break?

The one on the right here looks like he's about to storm off!

Now the one on the left is feeling guilty.... I wonder what they have been arguing about...what do you think? Did they both want to hang in the left ear???


Kate and Oli said...

i love those birds! they do look pretty strong-willed, though :)

My Computer Tutor said...

Did you know that 'fed up' is an old falconry expression? If you gave your bird too much food, it wouldn't need to fly and catch something for you, so it didn't bother. It was fed up!

Ruth said...

No I didn't know that. I guess I'm just overfeeding them then. I'll put them on a diet and see if they cheer up a little.

And as my Friday post will be about a falcon, I'll add your little snippet too!