Thursday, March 4, 2010

Doug the Dog

After seeing my "dog-eared" earrings, someone asked if I could make a similar dog as a necklace....and thus Doug the Dog was born!

He's on his way to Luxembourg right now!  Doesn't he look keen to go......just wanting to waggle those little legs and get to meet his new owner Danielle

It's interesting...I've sold quite a few pieces to Luxembourg this year...and Belgium too....both countries that I've only very occasional sold to previously....  All these little characters are spreading smiles in new places!

Be a good dog Doug!


Anonymous said...

cool! he reminds me of "Courage, the Cowardly Dog"

Ruth said...

I've never heard of Courage the cowardly dog...Will have to go and check him out now...

Anonymous said...

He is absolutely awesome!
And I never heard of "Courage, the cowardly dog" either.