Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Choose my next animal

So you've met :
  • Humphrey and Trisha
  • Claude and Claudia
  • Dog-eared
  • Waddle and Toboggan
  • Break out of your shell
  • Baby birds
  • Rupert the bird
  • Pastures new
  • Birds with attitude
Now what animal/bird should I create next?  I've set up a poll on the sidebar so you can vote for a few I've selected or else choose A.N. Other and leave a message here with the animal of your choice!

Using a different style I'll already made sheep, cows, pigs, mice, lions.... so am looking for something new.....

The ones on my list are hippopotamus, elephant, rhinoceros, water buffalo, octopus...or your choice. If you choose one yourself, I hope you'll bear in mind the general shape of these pieces and how their legs dangle underneath etc....

Whichever one gets the most votes, I'll make!

So far, other suggestions I've had are ferrets and yaks! Hmm Can you do better?


Joy Funnell said...

How about Owls. I love thier wide eyes :) Joy

hint said...

elephant! I just love these :)

My Computer Tutor said...

Jellyfish have lots of dangly 'legs'...

Anonymous said...

how about a giraffe or a monkey

Chui King said...

cheep cheep cheep! What about little chicks in time for easter?

Mary said...

Peter wants a monkey, especially a monkey key ring!