Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I am strong

I first made this necklace design for a wonderful friend of mine who was going through a really tricky time. It's a great reminder that we do all have strength within us, when we need it.  Yes, it's not always easy to find but it's there in all of us.

Since then, I've made it for another couple of customers who have cancer, and I recently had a few enquiries to make some more...so I started another.

Half way through, I got an email from a local friend saying she had seen a necklace on my website that she really wanted to get for her friend and could I make one for her.  It was "I am strong" - so as I was half way through, I finished it, thinking of my friend.  I hope it brings strength to her friend.

Pyschoneuroimmunology studies have proven that the use of positive affirmations is an easy and effective way to overcome mental hurdles, boost the immune system and improve health and happiness.  

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Sue McNenly said...

Wonderful! And how serendipitous that you had started! It's obviously a 'good thing':)