Monday, March 19, 2012

Back at it!

As you may well have noticed, my silver making has been on hiatus, but today, I got back at it!

Since the beginning of the year, my focus has been elsewhere, but now I'm hoping I am at a stage where I can find a balance with other areas of my life and make time for jewelry again.

The change started at the beginning of the year when I went back to my studies.  A few years ago, I completed my masters in health psychology and then trained as health coach, but at the beginning of this year, decided that I wanted to specialize in helping those with cancer, so since January I've been studying to become a cancer coach.  I'd previously trained as a cancer guide, but this new training was much more thorough.  I'm progressing with it - not quite finished yet - but that is what my mind has been focussing on.  And I'm loving it.

My goal is to do some health coaching and also some jewelry. But my ideal is that my jewelry business can support my health coaching business enabling me to coach cancer patients free of charge. One business, supporting the other.

The cancer topic is making it's way into my jewelry too and so you'll see some jewelry coming up - both new and old designs, that is based on affirmations to help us on our way with chronic diseases or difficult times in our lives. For example, like this "bird in the hand" necklace.  A great reminder for us to be grateful for what we have, instead of always wanting things just out of our grasp.

I have a blog for my health coaching business - Tickety-boo Health Coaching and I should finish developing my website in the next month or so.  That will really tell you what it is all about. I plan to run programs locally but also develop an e-program for cancer patients.  I'll let you know here, in case you are interested.

So I thank you for your patience as I've been developing another aspect of myself.  It's a great journey and who knows where it'll all lead.  But I can tell you, it felt good to get my hands in metal clay again today :-D

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Sue McNenly said...

How wonderful. I'll follow both businesses with great interest. Pray I will never have need for your new business, but grateful it exists.