Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Today we fly back to England for a couple of weeks.

Photo by mikebaird

We are leaving in about an hour, armed with a few books and some knitting to while away the time...and hopefully a good movie!  This weekend,  we are celebrating my parents Golden Wedding Anniversary - 50 years!  Definitely a reason to celebrate.

Then we have just sold our apartment in Cheltenham so some of the rest of the trip will be spent packing that up and putting the stuff all in storage.  The packing part will be happily interspersed with seeing John's family and maybe a couple of friends too.

I'll be keeping in touch with my "bird a week"!  Let's hope the flight goes quickly!


vilterietje said...

hope you all enjoy the golen wedding and the love of the family:)

Ruth said...

Thanks Riet. I'm sure we will. I'll wave as I fly over!