Monday, November 28, 2011

Mailing items for Christmas

I sell a lot of jewelry to Germany - always have and I hope I always will!  However, the United States first class international shipping to Germany has been horribly slow recently.  I just heard from one patient customer today that her bracelet had finally arrived two months after I had mailed it to her!!

Sadly, there is nothing I can do about the time it takes for delivery.  I truly think it isn't the US slowing things down, but is the customs offices in Germany. They seem to open every single package - not only for Germany but also for other European countries.  It occasionally takes as little as 5 days for deliveries and sometimes it takes 2 months!  It's sad for the customer who is often disappointed if an item is late for an occasion, and I have to say, I hate responding to emails when I am helpless and can do nothing about it.  I feel for the buyer, but tracking is not available to other countries, so I am left only able to encourage patience.

Today I have therefore made the decision that all my packages to Europe and the US will go priority mail from today onwards, instead of first class mail. Priority mail takes 2 - 3 business days in the US and 6 - 10 business days to Europe.  Much better service for my customers - and only a little bit more expensive. 

This means that the last day that I will accept orders for Christmas delivery is:

For the US - December 19th
For European countries - December 11th

Yes, plenty of time for all that shopping yet!  Hope you are getting into the Christmas/Holiday spirit!

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Moondog said...

Hello! Thanks for your post. I sell on Etsy and often send items internationally. I share your frustration. I strive for good service on my end and feel helpless when packages are delayed by mail. I'm going to change my shipping policies as well.