Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wedding Photo

My cousin Caroline's wedding at our home on Saturday went really well. It was a perfect day.

Thought I'd share just one photo with you.  As a surprise we arranged for Steve, the "dove man" to come by and greet them as they walked back down the "aisle" of the garden.  He gave each of them a white dove to release and then released 30 more. It was lovely to see.  The dove man actually lives across the creek from us and the doves regularly come and fly around our garden - but it was quite a surprise for the bride and groom!

I was delighted when I managed to catch both of them releasing their doves in this photo.  Perfect for a wedding at Birdland!

Still enjoying family time but also looking forward to getting back to creating next week - probably do some things with my mum as she and dad are with us for another week yet.

Finally got internet connection back so I'll be able to catch up on what you have all been doing too!

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