Thursday, July 15, 2010

Charms for Charity

It's time for the second biennial fundraiser for Cancer Research, organized by the metal community - Charms for Charity.

Metal clay artists from around the world honor cancer survivors and those who have succumbed to the disease by raising funds for The American Cancer Society and The Marrow Foundation.  We do this by creating and donating charms that are then made into incredible charm bracelets and raffled off.

It seems that this year there will probably be about 30 separate bracelets to be raffled.  The raffle takes place at the Precious Metal Clay Conference in Perdue, IN on July 30th, 2010.

At the first charms for charity two year ago, we raised $12,270. The goal this year is to reach $20,000.

If you'd like to buy tickets, you can do so online at this link: Charms of Charity

At the first such raffle two years ago - I won the very first bracelet! So yes, it's definitely worth a try - especially as the tickets are only $5 each.

And yes - you've guessed it from the first photo! Look who is on his way to join the other charms! Little Quentin Quail is heading out to be attached to one of the bracelets with lots of other cool charms!

I hope you'll consider buying one or more tickets for your chance to win a wonderful prize and also make a difference.


Joy Funnell said...

Oooh.... so glad I already have my tickets. I would love to win the bracelet with Quentin on!!!

And I totally agree with you - I also won a wonderful bracelet last time (shows the odds are good) so if you haven't yet bought any tickets - DO SO NOW!!!!

Ruth said...

Oh! I wish we had met at the last conference! Won't be there this year. good luck with the raffle!