Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mendocino Art Center

I'm in Mendocino (northern California) this week, taking a mixed media class at the Mendocino Art Center with Diane Falkenhagen.

It's a great class. There are only 4 students and we are getting to try lots of different media and techniques.  The aim of the class isn't to make something, but rather to play and try a few samples and see what we like and see what inspires us.

Here are some of the samples that I made on the first day applying pictures to polymer clay.  The one on the far right is on liquid polymer clay. 

I'll show you some others as the class progresses.

It's a great place to come for classes. I am staying at the art center housing - and good sized room - basic but shares a tiny kitchen too.  The whole place - town as well - has just a great feeling to it. I really like it.

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Sue said...

That sounds like fun! I'm looking forward to hearing about what else you're experimenting with.