Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday's spotlight - Greater Redding Chamber of Commerce

No: This week's blog is not an advertisement for the Redding Chamber of Commerce.  Actually its a commendation to two of their staff - Vicki and Terri.  Let me explain....

On Monday, we returned to Glen Ellen from a four day trip to Northern California, stopping at Redding, Eureka and Mendocino.  Redding was our first stop and having driven for some time, we decided that we'd take a walk to the Sundial Bridge. It was an extraordinarily hot day and we were relieved to see an ice cream stall in the bridge area.  The sale of mango ice cream from that venue certainly went up that day.

We crossed over the aforementioned bridge and started looking for a riverside walk to take us back  to a nice rest on our beds.  However, we could find no walkway out.  A couple of roads and a highway but we didn't fancy such a dangerous stroll.

Two 70+ year olds were getting increasingly tired.  We could find no locals to help but at 4.50pm, we spotted the Chamber of Commerce building - due to close at 5pm.  The two ladies there couldn't have been kinder. They insisted we sit down, gave us all a bottle of cool water and then drive us back to our lodgings.

Thank you Vicki and Terri.  You made our stay in Redding a memorable one through your kindness.

From Redding we went up to Lake Shasta, visiting the dam there and taking a boat trip across the lake to the Shasta Caverns.

I particularly liked Eureka, which we visited on the day that the England Soccer team went out of the world cup. Not before time because they were atrocious.  Lincoln City, my home team who just avoided relegation out of the football league, would have shown more enthusiasm than their international colleagues.  I digress, however...

Eureka has some wonderful varied old Victorian houses and buildings in its old town area.  I enjoyed wandering around taking photos whilst the others went shopping.  Weren't they the lucky ones!!

Our last port of call was Mendocino; a really small place no larger than a village but very attractive and by the sea.

I was amazed at what this small town offered.  It has a small theatre but produces shows most of the year round. On the Sunday evening we went to see the play "Mr Marmalade".  Very good evening's entertainment.

The town also boasts its own Music Festival, Film Festival, Arts Centre and is home to courses in various arts and subjects.  They also have a good cup of coffee in The Mendocino Hotel.

As I write this, next Saturday is the day of my niece (in law's) wedding.  I am conducting the service.  First time I've ever married anyone in a vineyard. Sounds as though I've got wires all over the place.  With my memory for names, it's just as well I haven't.

Keep on enjoying the sun.  We've had it over and around 100 degrees all this past week.

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