Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Birdhouse Creations

Before my family leave, we had to have a creative day painting birdhouses.  As I've mentioned before on this blog, we ask anyone who stays with us to paint/decorate a birdhouse during their stay, which we then hang in the garden.  It is lovely to wander around the garden and remember all our family and friends - and the birdhouses all turn out so differently.

So we got going on the painting!  The birdhouses were all different shapes from cars, planes, castles to more traditional houses.  But I'm afraid I let the side down a little as I couldn't find the red paint.  Turned out that EVERYONE wanted red paint!!!!!  - just because I didn't have it!

But when you are creating, you have to be able to stretch and go wtih the flow - so pinks and greens were selected instead of red (I have about 5 shades of green paint!!!).

Matthew and Peter even found time between swimming to paint theirs!

Phew - hard work by the looks of it - need a good cup of tea afterwards!!

I'll show you the finished pieces when they are dry.

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