Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday's Spotlight - The Wedding

By guest blogger Pete.

After an abundance of worrying and concern by all involved, the wedding of my niece, Caroline and nephew-in-law (if such a term exists!) - Jamie - went off very well.

The vineyard and the surrounding areas were all neat and tidy.  The vineyard oak tree, by the time the wedding took place, provided plenty of shade - especially for the bride and groom - plus me!  It was a hot day and every little piece of shade that could be garnered was extremely precious.

The oak tree stands in the center of the vineyard atop of a slight grassy rise from the house. Each group of members of the families etc made their way up this slope separately.  The ring boy did well and then he realised something of the indignity of such a position and stopped.  For a few moments it looked as thought he was going to make a dash for freedom, taking with him the two rings as well.  However, his dad was the best man and managed to persuade him to complete the journey.

I always feel sorry for the ring boys and pages at weddings.  Dressed in all that fancy costume it doesn't do much for the lad's street credibility - especially if any of his friends are in the congregation.  It's not exactly a "macho" job is it?

I have always been grateful that neither my brother (15 years older than me) nor my sister (10 years older than me) asked me to be a page boy. I think I'd have runaway and hidden long before the ceremony and appeared only after it was long ended. Page boys and ring boys ought to have a union.  At least they could demand more reasonable and financial compensation than the so called perk of being able to take the little Lord Fauntleroy suit home with them!

The actual ceremony went well and the vows etc spoken in a voice clearly audible to all present. I had a good think and this was not only my first occasion to officiate at a marriage outside of a church but the first time I'd officiated at a marriage since my retirement.

The heat remained until about 7pm.  The meal was great.  The formal photographs in the heat exhausted the bride and groom and every bit of shade available could have been sold to any unfortunate in the sun - like Caroline and Jamie - for a King or even a Queen's ransom!

A lovely day, a lovely setting and the best wishes of everyone go to Caroline and Jamie.

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