Saturday, September 13, 2008

The simplicity of the birds

I just finished a couple of simpler bird pieces. The first one is a little singing bird in a tree. A happy looking bird - singing because he can!

The question often comes up - "why do bird sing?" Because they can? I was just listening to a CD - Andrea Bocelli - and my pet parrot, Harold, has been singing away to it - in a voice like Andrea's! Yes, he likes to add vibrato and he really does sing like Andrea! Why does he do that? Coz he can and it's fun??? Who knows. Even when we went out of the house he carried on - so it wasn't to get our attention..... Funny little Harold. No wonder he's so loved!!

The second necklace is Bird on a wire. Just two simple birds sitting on a wire - such a familiar scene. Do you think they communicate with one another? Or they are just hanging out?

I love it when there are lots of birds on a wire and a new one tries to come and moves the others around! All trying to find their own little space - and they never touch one another either. Always equally spaced....keep that perfect distance....

Maybe I need to study the psychology of birds......

Anyhow - these two piece can be found on my website and I'll soon put them on Etsy and Dawanda.

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Half an Acre said...

SO cute - but then I love all your stuff!