Sunday, September 14, 2008

Featured in DIY City Blog

Today I was featured in an online magazine - DIY City Mag. It was an interview about me and Birdland Creations, by Sara Millis from Sara's Texture Crafts. Thanks Sara, for including me! Here's a snapshot - and you can read the full interview if you click here.


Sara's Texture Crafts said...

I hope it brings you lots of attention and just to let you know it will also be reprinted on my blog on the 1st of October.
Sara x

Marian said...

Interesting interview.
Isnt it weird to see how... 'destiny' unfolds and one starts doind something and ends up doing somehting completely different... but there is probably a thread there... like... all your chemistry knowledge probably helps you when it comes to work with the silver clay...