Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Etsy Treasury

One of my items - Happy Flowers necklace and earrings set - is featured in an Etsy treasury, along with some other lovely metal pieces created by other artists.

I like this treasury collection because it shows how color can be incorporated into metal clay using different techniques such as stones, glass, resin and concrete.

All the artists on this treasury are members of a new Etsy group - Etsy Metal Clay Team. We are working together to promote metal clay on Etsy and further afield and are just setting up a new website More will come soon.

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Marian said...

That's a great treasury. Fabulous work!

I started my ceramics classes again today. I was so excited, I sketched so many possible things to make! I forgot to ask my proffessor about working with metal clay, but we are looking into working with glass and clay, combination of materials, which apparently is very tricky because of the expansion and shrinking of the materials under lots of heat.
But this weekend I have a workshop on making glass beads, so I'll see if I can talk to her about it. I'll send her a link of your website so she can see how fantastic this material seems to be!