Monday, September 29, 2008

Finishing some bronze pieces

The bronze seems to be quite popular - I've sold all the pieces I had made so I decided to finish up a few other bronze shapes I had sat in my studio.

The colour of the bronze is very pleasing. I know alot of artists are looking for rainbow patinas and the such, but I actually like the brushed finish, in the soft golden bronze colour. It's just a nice tone and goes well with all skin colours.

The pieces are just simple shapes - not sculptural like my other work, as when I made them, I was just getting used to the product. But as they are simple and made in bronze, and don't take a long time to make - they are very affordable.

I've decided to list them on my smashing darling webstore. I have listed with Smashing Darling for a while now and it was really quiet for ages.....Then I recently looked at my statistics from them for visitors and I was amazed! So I'm now paying some attention to my store there. I think the simplicity of these bronze pieces might work there .... We'll see....

So here are a couple of pieces:

This first one makes me think of elephant trunks! Not quite sure what I'll name it - but I did just go to a safari park this I guess it's timely!! It shows some carving in the twisted "trunks".

These two pieces I'm calling "having a ball". I'm not even sure if the phrase "having a ball" is used in the US....??

These are my relic earrings! They have script on both sides - one side in Latin and one side in Greek.....and have gentle cracks on the edges, suggesting they have been dug up from some ancient dig site!

And these are my Asian ladies! I think they look a little like the cone Vietnamese hats....and the hats have an Asian texture on them...

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