Monday, August 4, 2008

Under the greenwood tree

As I drive to the city - (I generally go down to San Francisco twice a week, but this week it's been 6 days in a row) I really enjoy listening to audio books. I download them on my ipod and play them through my car stereo. The last couple I listened too have been really long and I've soooooo enjoyed them - I'll write about them next week - but I'm waiting for a particular day...... but I do like to listen to things that I'd probably never bother to something either really long works well, or a classic that I never read when I should have....

I asked my dad last week what he thought I should download next and he suggested "Under the greenwood tree" by Thomas Hardy. I don't think I've ever read Hardy - so I downloaded it and started it this week. My dad said his stories tend to have sad endings......
I started listening on Friday....and finished it today. My first reaction is that it was much too short. The last couple of books I'd listened to were 40 hours and 45 hours yet Hardy's was a mere 5 hours!!! It was all over so fast!!! That was somewhat of a disappointment! There I was, only just getting into it - and it was over!!! But that wasn't Hardy's fault - it was just what I'd got used to!

Anyhow, it was quite a sweet story - passed the time nicely on the drive down and back - but the ending wasn't quite as sad as I'd hoped :-( Yes, a bit of deception between the protagonists... but following my dad's comment, I was expecting something worse..... with the vicar maybe - but it was all turmoil kept inside for the characters!!! I'm glad I listened to it - I liked it - but I think in future I need to choose longer books for my journeys!

Anyhow - the actual 'tree' part of the tale doesn't come into the story until the very last chapter ..... so I thought I'd share a few of my trees with you....The one above is called "Great oaks from little acorns come".

This one to the right is another from my nursery rhyme collection - "Oranges and Lemons". The oranges and lemons are added to the tree using coloured resin. And the earrings below are "Cherry Trees" where the cherries are small corundum lab grown cabochons. I think the tale of Dick Dewy and Fancy Day could have ended under any of these trees!! What do you think? Have you read any other Hardy books and care to suggest one to me? Dad - want to comment? Any good book recommendations always gratefully received - especially if they are long..

I know I value trees much more now that I live in a warm place - ie not England!!! The shade of a tree is such a welcome place...Our little wooded area at our home is always cool - a perfect respite from the heat...and also a place for birdhouses and the birds.... So get out there and love those trees!


Marian said...

Beautiful trees! I like the oranges one, but the oak is so pretty and detailed. i thought it was gorgeous to find that little bird house!

I have never "listened" to a book. Nothing against it, just, never tried! Reading is something I love doing and I have to do it daily.. otherwise I just feel something is missing.

One of the things I miss abotu Argentina -homeland- is the fact that all cities have trees on the sidewalks. All of them. Not only providing shadow (there are places in ARG where the heat is non-existant so shadow is not needed), but also flowers and green! lots of green! Here in NL there arent many trees, and people dont like planting them just because if they want to cut them, eventually, they have to ask permission to the town hall. I find that a bit of a lame excuse, but hey... not new that I am different from them. We instead, planted tons of trees.
When we were talking about gardens the other day, I forgot to mention the 3 hazelnut trees and the one walnut tree i got from my hsuband as wedding anniversary presents (yeah, how about diamonds, man!). But now, I can already see the fruits growing. In autumn...feast!

Marian said...

By the way, did you get the emails with pictures of your bag?? I need to know if you like it like that and then on friday I mail it!

Marian said...

Hi, me again... I made a listing with your bag. You just have to go to my shop and...... click! :)