Sunday, August 31, 2008

Full of Treasures

I can't believe it's the end of August. It hardly feels like I've started August. Where do those days disappear? But one stroll around the garden where you see all the ripening pears and apples and grapes and yes, there's no doubt that it is the end of August.

What a bounty of yummy fruit! And that pleasure you get from eating something that you have grown - never mind the extra pleasure when you eat it straight off the tree, warmed by the sun.....

Everyday we are picking a bowl full of tomatoes. They are the sweet 100 ones - yes, it's like a hundred a day! We leave them out in a bowl in the kitchen and they are just a tasty little snack as you walk past! By the next day - they are just about all gone and we go and collect some more! We aren't quite as good at eating up the apples. I guess apples come down the list for me and at the moment they compete with the pears and I think the pears win! But I'll cook with the apples.. make some nice chutney, some pie mix, and last year I made pear and apple marmalade which is my favourite marmalade ever - so I guess I'll do some more of that.

But right now, I'm holding out for the figs.... Ah...a warm fig fresh off the tree. I don't think I ever had fresh figs before moving here and we now have three trees - two green figs and one brown. The biggest green fig tree just has the most tasty figs ever. There is alot of fruit on the trees but they still need another couple of weeks to ripen. I think we might cook with their leaves tonight though - if you wrap fish (I'm going to buy some wild salmon) in the leaves and cook them on the barbecue the leaves not only give off this lovely coconutty smell but impart a delicate flavour to the fish.

(Oh - my husband just brought me in half a Gravenstein apple! Juicy, sweet and crisp! He's been strolling around the vineyard and maybe he knew what I was writing about!!!).

So the garden is just full of treasures! Bountiful treasures everywhere you look. And therefore my "full of treasures" necklace is shown here. It is designed to look like a bag/purse and inside are lots of little garnets - the treasures. Looks like it could be a fruit collecting bag, full of plums or grapes or maybe our dark red pears..........What treasures are you gathering from your garden right now?


Marian said...

great necklace!
i wish I lived ina warmer climate to have figs and peaches!!!
Apples you cans tore for a while... or make a nice apple crumble...yum! easy, tasty dessert. That is what Im doing with the smaller apples.
We have more veggies than fruit but that has to do with the weather. We are gathering cabbage, broccoli, lettuce, redbeats, more srtawberries because the plants seem to be crazy and keep giving fruit, apple and pears, carrots, beans, and we are waiting for the pumpkins growing strong, and grapes (here they ripe later...not enough sun) and all the nuts! Can't wait... it is what I like the most about fall... nuts!

Ruth said...

We planted a pecan and an almond tree a couple of years ago. It is nice to have nuts too - but our parrot eats most of them! He is all the eater of the peanuts we grow! We felt if we planted all this fruit for us, he could have some nut trees too - even though he also eats the fruit!

Umm all your veggies sound good too - beets and carrots etc. Maybe we should try that next year... Enjoy your harvest Marian.