Thursday, August 21, 2008

Otters and pond life

We were strolling down the lane yesterday morning to pick up the newspaper and spotted three otters in the creek by the side of us. Two were larger and the small one trailed behind. We figured it was parents and a youngster.

They were so sweet to watch. The creek is really low at the moment and they were heading upstream - but parts are not deep enough for them to swim in - so they'd climb out onto the rocks, then dive back in. Then the young one went to the bank and proceeded to crunch on something he had found - eating it noisily! By the time he had finished, his parents were gone - so he raced onwards, swimming fast and skipping over the rocks.

It was lovely to see them. We have had them a few times in our pond - the last time was last November. Again, there were three of them. We were a little upset with them on that occasion. They tend to come early - for breakfast - and John spotted them so called me out. We crept up to the pond, not wanting to disturb them - but they of course noticed us -and just swam up to us - sticking their heads out of the water to see who it was!

They then proceeded to catch all our large fish in the pond. We thought we had 3 large fish - and sure enough they caught them all. I could have coped with that - but they dragged them onto the bank, took one mouthful and then left them there! They didn't even bother to eat them. It seemed such a waste of our fish whom we like to watch swimming around.

Anyhow - I've never made otter jewelry but just yesterday finished a new fish piece as you can see here! It's designed as a mobile - but also as earrings! So little fish mobile earrings. The fish can twirl in many directions and so they look like they are swimming around your ears.

A friend of mine - Jayne - once told me that if I ever made mobiles, I should be sure to let her know as she loves mobiles. I know that she was meaning large, hang from the ceiling ones - but she is coming around for dinner tomorrow - so I'll show her these and see what she thinks!!

This jewelry with movement is something that I'm really attracted to. Hinges, swings,pivots and stuff like that. I think you may well see alot more of that sort of thing from me soon (especially as I'm just finishing off a hinged piece....).

And I see a few other mobile designs too.....

Anyhow - great to have all this wildlife around us - even if it does remind us how cruel the food chain seems sometimes.....

And no - I'm not having fish for dinner tonight!! (but maybe tomorrow).

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