Sunday, August 10, 2008

The missing piece

I've just finished making 12 "missing piece" bracelets. Each bracelet has a silver jigsaw puzzle shaped charm attached - with a texture on one side and plain on the other.

With each bracelet I enclose a small card that says:

You are an important piece in my life's puzzle.
You may never know precisely where you fit in,
but know that without you, there would be a significant hole.

I have sold a few of these bracelets before. The wonderful customer this time, Kristy from Australia, was just delightful and a real pleasure to work with. We had some great conversations online, going back and forth about what she wanted etc, and the collaboration was so easy --- one of the reasons why I love selling online! She wants the bracelets to give to family and friends and her bridesmaids for her forthcoming wedding. One of my previous customers for a group of these bracelets was from New Zealand and she also wanted them as gifts for bridesmaids. Her whole theme for her wedding was puzzles and she and her husband had found some wonderful puzzle rings.

I think giving a missing piece bracelet for a bridesmaid's gift is such a lovely idea. Each one is different and is a personal momento to keep.

I want to try and make a bracelet out of a run of jigsaw puzzle pieces where they interlock but still move a little bit. I'm working on the logistics of it all....not sure if it will be too tricky...but maybe a whole jigsaw puzzle will appear one day....

Anyhow- wishing Kristy a wonderful wedding and happy life. Glad you've found that important piece in your life! Anyone else have some ideas for unusual bridesmaids gifts? Let's hear about them.......


Marian said...

what a fantastic idea...both... giving this as a present and your idea to make this a great design. Really cool.

Treasures By Brenda said...

Your bracelets are beautiful and one-of-a-kind...I have created two pages about the world of jigsaw puzzles and so have read quite a bit about them but never seen anything like your beautiful work!

If you are interested in reading my pages, the first is Are You Puzzled by Jigsaw Puzzles and contains quite a bit of interesting information about jigsaw puzzles as well as sources from which to purchase them.

The second one, Welcome to Jigsaw Puzzle Country, is more of a human interest page with 'people' stories about puzzling.

The idea of giving your bracelets to a wedding party is fantastic. I think they would be great for a group of people graduating from school and moving on in life...

Good luck with your bracelets! (What about making necklaces as well?)


Ruth said...

Thanks Marian.
Glad you stopped by Brenda. I was interested to read your pages about puzzle - love the idea of the puzzling over old love letters. Wow - what patience!

I have made the silver puzzle pieces into necklaces and bookmarks and I have a new idea in my head right now. If I do it - and figure out how - I'll send you a photo!

Happy puzzling!