Friday, August 29, 2008

Anyone can fall in love

Let me introduce you to "anyone". He/She is my newest friend and will be featured in my new "anyone can....." series of jewelry. I wanted to create a little figure that could be male or female and so I created "anyone". (I'll refer to "anyone" as "him" but only because it gets awkward to keep using both sexes!).
Anyhow, I want anyone to try doing different things - be adventurous and see where it takes him.

For a start this, my first piece, is "anyone can fall in love". It is a lariat necklace. "Anyone" is seen falling through the heart shape of the necklace - and so is falling 'in' love!

He is a simple little figure, pants/trousers and a hat and his arms are out in this piece as he his free-falling! And yes, as he is falling - he hangs upside down! Maybe a little bit reminiscent of my first "anyone" piece- but then "anyone" was a bird and the piece was "anyone can fly". Maybe my new anyone will try flying one of these days.

As I do with lariats, there is a little hook on the back of the heart so you can loop part of the chain on it and it holds the lariat at a specific length. So anyone can hang just where you want him. He's close to the "love" in the photos so that I can get a closer up photo of both pieces but you may wear him further away.

I'll put him up on Dawanda and my website soon.

I have lots of ideas of things anyone can try - but if you have some suggestions, I'd love to hear them. I'll mention them to anyone and see if he thinks it's something he'd enjoy! Obviously falling in love was an easy choice! We all love that feeling - that free fall feeling of falling in love!


Easterya said...

Absolutely sweet! The simplicity and clean lines of the silver heart and 'anyone' really go very well together, it's a gorgeous piece!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your prize for your jewelry - I'm sure this is your first of many prizes :-) and I love "Anyone can fall in love" - it's beautiful and such a heart warming piece!

Marian said...

what a great idea! Anyone is supere sweet and I like the fact that it has a whole symbolic thing going... itÅ› not just a s/he through a heart.

Congrats on your bronze medal! So deserved!!!!

Half an Acre said...

an adorable piece! i love your things so much! *gush gush*!!

Ruth said...

Thanks for all your comments on 'anyone'. He is feeling quite loved right now!

Lady Bracknell said...

Don't think for a momnt that I don't find your little anyone absolutely adorable.

I do have a problem with the name of this piece, though, I'm afraid.

And here it is...

Ruth said...

Lady Bracknell! Anita Dobson is a bit of a blast from the past! How awful!!! Feel free to not share things like that with me!!! You can enjoy them all on your own!