Monday, August 18, 2008

Sending my love

Time for a bit of love! What a way to start the week!

Here are some pieces all about sending love.

The first one is entitled "Special Delivery" and shows a little bird struggling to carry a big red heart. The piece is a brooch. The heart is made from a type of paper clay that dries really hard and tough. I like the brightness of this piece - adding some good colour to the silver. He wants to bring his very special delivery just to you.

The second piece is called "sending my love" and yes, surprise surprise, it shows a bird and a heart!! And the heart is painted red...And it is again a brooch. But yet it is so different from the other one. For one, it isn't three dimensional..but still cute.

And finally a desk buddy I made quite a while ago entitled "just for you". No, it's not a bird and there is no heart! It's a three dimensional something or other - no particular animal - just a character - and he's bring a little flower just for you. He sits on my desk and keeps an eye on me. And now he has a friend in Modesty Max that I made from bronzclay.

So - do these pieces convey their message? Hope you feel like they are sending you some love today! Have a great day!


Marian said...

oh yes, they do convey their message! so cute! They look like kangaroes the last too! or something lke that! Very pretty... sweet!

Easterya said...

I agree, sweet little kangoroos with big soft eyes, they look so cuddly!

Ruth said...

Kangaroos! Never had thought that!! I have been thinking of doing a duck-billed platypus..but not a kanga!