Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Girls day out

Recently I had a lovely family come over to my studio to make some jewelry: Jenni, Phoebe and Eve.  It's sort of a complicated story to tell you how I met them - originally a year ago - and that meeting was very brief, but a connection was made that resulted in us all having a great day together.  Jenni is the mum and Phoebe and Eve are her daughters aged around 14 and 11???

They'd never made jewelry before and we had a fabulous time trying out silver metal clay and then they each made an aluminum/aluminium bangle.  It was pretty quiet though - lots of concentration going on!

They had to go back to England before the pieces were fired, so I finished them off and sent them to them.   Not sure if they have received them yet.

The photos are of the pieces before they were fired. Jenni did the bird on the left, Eve did the bird on the right - the collared dove, and the heart, and Phoebe did the stars.  I'll show photos of the finished pieces when I know they have received the jewelry themselves!

I hope they enjoyed the day as much as I did :=D


Ruth said...

testing comments

Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth, it's Eve!
The jewelry looks really great from the picture, although we haven't actually received it yet, we are hoping it will arrive soon. We really enjoyed spending time with you, John and Harold! This years trip to California was brilliant, we didn't want to leave, but making jewelry was a great way to finish off an amazing three weeks.
Thank you again and we hope to see you next year, all our love Eve, Phoebe and the family!