Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year Rituals

We've enjoyed learning about the New Year Rituals that go on in Mexico and hope to include some of them in our celebrations this year.

Our favorite one involves grapes - so is perfect for us with our vineyard.

The ritual is that when making a toast with champagne for the New Year, you should have 12 grapes for each person, one for each month in order to attract good vibes throughout the coming year.  With each strike of the clock on the final seconds of the year, you have to eat the grapes - one on each strike with the wish that your projects and hopes will come true.

The grapes can be presented as little bunches for each person, either green, purple or a mixture or you can put all 12 grapes on skewer and place that in the champagne glass ready, as shown in the above photo!

What New Year rituals do you like to participate in or what is traditional for your country?

Whatever you'll be doing - I hope you'll be sharing the time with special people in your life.


Lorena Angulo said...

I do the grapes ;-D.
Since I can remember my family has had this tradition and many other more.
I do remember when my older sisters wanted to have more trips in the new year, they have a baggage ready and when the time was close they got out of the house pulling the baggage around the block. It was very funny.
Happy New Year !!
Feliz Año Nuevo !

vilterietje said...

lovely tradition with the grapes!
here we do surprise people on the first of january: happy new year!!!!we drink a glass and eat a very thin wafer.

Ruth said...

Hope your celebrations are fun! Hope your surprises went well Riet.
Feliz Año Nuevo !
Gelukkig nieuw jaar!