Friday, December 30, 2011

The Weekly Birds

Here is a slideshow of all the birds that were created as part of the bird a week challenge.

We started the year with 33 members, many of whom had never even made a single bird before.  Not everyone managed to complete a different bird each week, but every bird included was a delight to see.

There are, I think, four of us who did make a different bird each week for the whole year: myself, Joy, Linda and Riet.

It was the first time I had organized anything like this and I'll definitely want to do it again.  I had never met any of the people who joined me in the challenge, but over the year, I feel we've become friends and now know each other's work well.

There are some new challenges starting next year, but I'm going to take it a little easy to begin the year, and just continue with the bird theme - but only one a month.  I know Joy is doing this too, plus another challenge, so we will see how the year transpires.

Thanks for following along with all our birdies and their journeys.   Time to fly now!

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