Thursday, December 29, 2011

Review of my "bird a week" challenge

Yesterday I finished my 52nd bird of 2011!  They were all part of my "bird a week challenge".  If truth be told, I made more than 52 birds in the year, but for the challenge, we only counted those that were a new design, and some of my extras were repeats of designs that I'd done before.

Looking back at them, I used 17 different materials to make the 52 birds.  Here are the main media:
  • 18 were made from silver
  • 12 were made from aluminum
  • 5 were made from steel
  • 3 were made from food items
11 of the 17 media I used, I had never tried before, so it was a big learning year.  The new media included encaustics, printing from zinc plates, plaster wrap, wax, and plasticine illustrations.

Most of the birds were "generic" but there were 9 specific species that I made, as follows:
  • 1 eagle
  • 2 bluebirds
  • 2 herons
  • 2 quail
  • 1 robin
  • 3 penguins
  • 1 owl
  • 1 parrot and
  • 1 kingfisher
If I were to choose two techniques that I now wish I'd explored a bit more and tried more birds with, they would both be illustrations - one was a pencil drawing and one was a illustration with plasticine.   

Screaming Eagle - week 1

Great Blue Heron

I would really like to be able to illustrate and as I was lucky enough to get Adobe Illustrator for Christmas, I'm hoping that this is a skill that I can develop in 2012.

Here is a slideshow of all the 52 different birds.  Tomorrow I'll let you know about the others who joined me in the challenge.

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Joy Funnell said...

Lovely blog post, what a wonderful mix your year has been. I must have a try to do that with mine. I had not thought of doing that!