Saturday, December 17, 2011

Weekly bird in the hand

Here is this week's list of things I am grateful for. I think you might notice that there has been a certain theme to my week this week!:

  • Our continuing harvest. Today we picked a fridge load of meyer lemons and about 24 soft persimmons.  We still have more of them for future harvests...and also some guavas.
  • Cooking new recipes. Today I tried a persimmon pudding recipe recommended by Jennifer.  Yummy - I'm just eating my piece now...warm and a little gooey!
  • Cooking extravagantly ie unhealthy dishes, once in a while!  I made Eccles cakes with potted stilton for dinner at a friend's house this week. Gosh was it a wonderful combination.  Not something to eat every week but a couple of times a year - especially around Christmas time, and it really hits the spot.  And I made the puff pastry gluten free and it turned out great.
  • Eating out! I've eaten out so much this week, both at friend's houses and at restaurants. It's lovely to share food with good company.
  • New cookbook!  I get so excited at the thought of some of the recipes...and can't wait to try them.
  • Cold frosty mornings and warm sunny afternoons. It was 71 degrees here yesterday afternoon!
  • Having our friend's dog, Bella, back with us for a couple of weeks.
  • Making lots of sales from my website and Dawanda's.
Hope you've had lots of yummy food this week too.  What was extra-special?

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