Sunday, October 16, 2011

Silly Sunday - Cheese

We were out for dinner last night and we all seemed to eat a fair amount of cheese.  I love cheese but try it eat it only last night was a bit of a blow out.  I thought for my silly Sunday post, I'd therefore feature cheese!

Here's the first one:  Cheese and cracker soap!

Available on Etsy

They not only look like cheese and crackers, they smell like them too!  But no - they are soap, so don't taste like them! Does that mean that after using the soap you smell of saltine crackers???

Next, cheese handbags.  I wonder how long it would last if you were a little peckish....or maybe you would get a little trail of mice following you????

Fulvio Bonavia
And to go with the purses, how about these two dresses made from melted cheese:

What cheesy things have you seen this weekend?  I think I've had enough cheese for a while....

1 comment:

vilterietje said...

how i would love to have a cheesy handbag or dress, although......the dress could embarras me after eating it:)