Wednesday, January 26, 2011

4/52 Bird a week - Sitting Pretty

For this week's bird, I used my aluminum.  I drew three little birdies "sitting pretty" on anodized aluminum and then dyed the aluminum and sealed it and shaped it into a bangle.

You can see one birdie from the front:

and two from the back:

The inside is colored a nice teal color.

Happy little birds, sitting pretty. I hope you are sitting pretty too. There's still time to join in our bird a week challenge too - check out the flickr group link below and get birding.

If you are part of the Bird a week challenge, please add your link here:


Florcita said...

It sounds like a very interesting method of applying your own design onto metal. Really nice. This one and the "ice cream/spring" creations are very nice... I can see there is a world to be explored and experimented with here, isn't it?

vilterietje said...

very special, ilove it:)

Ruth said...

Thanks Mariana and Riet. Yes, there are so many variations for the aluminum and I'm only just getting started. when I get home I have lots of ideas I want to try. Thanks for your encouragement.