Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekly bird in the hand

I've missed a couple of my "bird in the hand" posts I'm afraid as I've been away, back in England - so that means I have even more to be grateful for this week!  Here's this week's list of the things that I am grateful for:

Photo by Navicore
  • being surrounded my like-minded people
  • having tender, sincere conversations with casual friends that takes the friendship to another level
  • sunshine and warmth - it got up to 79 degrees here this week
  • seeing the turtles in the pond, warming themselves on the duck platform
  • getting back into singing
  • being asked to participate in new things
  • new opportunities
  • the excitement of new ideas
  • meeting new people
  • enjoying the yellow of the daffodils
  • seeing all the blossom on the trees
  • seeing the brightest blue on a male bluebird as he flies around the vineyard with his Mrs.
It's like a week of new life with the flowers/blossoms, birds, turtles and new beginnings.  Has spring sprung in your heart yet?

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Sue McNenly said..., new, new, new, new....seems to be the running theme:) Welcome back!